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Our Philosophy

‘I believe that given the right circumstances, anyone can progress towards their personal or professional goals – everyone has the potential to be incredible’ – Ashley Myers, Founder – Double Loop Learning Ltd.

Clients who access community services sometimes face significant barriers in terms of meeting their own goals and aspirations. It is our aim to have a positive impact on as many service users as possible and we do this by delivering accredited content in an engaging and interactive way.

Double Loop is a training consultancy with a social conscience and specialise in workforce development for Health and Social Care organisations across the UK. Our work with your employees will be more cost effective than any other solution available. Our delivery of training to your service users and workforce will be developed in line with your budget and strategic aims.

All packages, whether bespoke or off-the-shelf are designed to allow learners to establish and understand their underlying assumptions around the subject matter. Once they have achieved their outcomes from the learning, we then go back to their initial assumptions and re-examine for veracity – this is called Double Loop Learning.

Double Loop Learning


Our Backstory

Our background is in substance misuse treatment and training staff to work effectively with vulnerable adults. Double Loop Learning was formed in 2016 with the aim of providing the same level of professional training to a broader scope of organisations both in the not-for-profit and also the corporate sectors.

Formed to provide a home for a network of trainers, all of our associates have lived experience in their chosen discipline, whether that be in mental health, substance misuse or offending behaviour. We value this lived experience and with robust training and development they make the best trainers as they have a passion for the subject matter and also have demonstrated sustained change through their own learning outcomes.

Our Model

A nimble training consultancy specialising in workforce development for corporate, public sector and charitable organisations.

Double Loop uses a 70:20:10 model when developing new and bespoke material for your organisation.

70% of the content will be experiential and based on real-time roles and duties in the workplace. 20% will be peer to peer learning where workplace mentors and coaches network to provide learning outcomes. 10% of our content will be instruction in a traditional setting.

With decades of experience delivering training solutions for health and social care, third sector and charitable organisations. We are now making this expertise available for other sectors.


Meet the Team

Professionals with a passion for our subject matter and the ability to keep the learner at the centre of everything we do.


Ashley Myers

Training Director

I started 20 years ago in this field and worked up from a client to mentor to advocate and then front-line worker. I am now an accredited teacher, assessor and all-round motivator.



Evette Wilkins

Associate Trainer

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Richard Doe

Associate Trainer

To Be Confirmed

Academic research paper on empowering volunteers in the workplace – Research Project – Final

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